About me

Fantasy Illustrator

Creature, Biome & Ecological Designer for entertainment 

Non-Illustration Related History

7+ Years corporate background as Business and Quality Assurance Analyst

Many years as Night Auditor

A bit more more background

My primary inspirations are around natural history and a dose of good films.  Being a kid in the local video store, I was fascinated by all the vhs covers in the horror section.

When young, the walls to my room were white and from floor to ceiling, dotted with irregular spats of black paint.  In most any irregular black shape, I could see some scene or creature.  There were probably millions, it was a lot of fun.

I have always seemed to have a strengthened capability to see things which tend to go unnoticed by others. The downside to this, is having cabinets full of fossils found when walking by neighborhood rock gardens.

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Mr. Hammond, please invite me to your park?